Published on January 25, 2019 by Marc & Mandy
Winter fashion doesn’t just mean parkas and oversized sweaters, but if you’re having difficulties getting creative when it’s cold out, look no further than this video! In this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show, Fashion Expert Nicola Loewen, from Mad About Style, shares ideas, inspo, and tips for pulling off your most fashionable looks at work. Keep reading for the highlights.
Expert Tip # 1: When in doubt, opt for monochrome
Since many winter knits tend to suit a similar color palette (think: grey, beige, and black), a monochromatic outfit is a pretty safe bet. The way to pull off a monochromatic look in the wintertime boils down to how you play with texture. So if you’ve got a dress or sweater that has a knit texture, consider a jacket in wool, suede boots, or a plush purse to supplement and diversify the texture palette of your ensemble. 
Expert Tip # 2: Play with classic looks
The classic work-appropriate combo of dress pants and a jacket has been around for a while; but that doesn’t mean it’s a look set in stone. Nicola recommends playing with this classic ensemble and personalizing it using  a striking pop of color, such as emerald. Also don’t be afraid to mix and match blazers and pants of varying patterns and cuts when putting together your not-so-classic pants and jacket combo. 
To learn more about Nicola’s work, check out the Mad About Style website!

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