Published on June 9, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

If putting together an outfit baffles you, this segment is for you! Fashion expert, Nicola Loewen, from Mad About Style, speaks to the “third piece” and how to achieve a polished, stylish ensemble in a straight-forward, formulaic way.

What is the “third piece”?

If you follow fashion at all, you’ll know that some outfits simply have that WOW factor. If you haven’t been able to ascertain why, perhaps you haven’t yet realized the impact and magic of the third piece. Put simple, the third piece is the garment or accessory that pulls the rest of your outfit together. Your third piece can be anything from a blazer to a belt; so long as it’s unanimous with your outfit, and lends it some visual intrigue.

Why is the “third piece” important?

Arguably, the third piece is integral to a complete looking outfit. It’s what separates a good outfit from a great one.

What could the “third piece” be?

Your third piece can be anything from an impactful handbag, to a statement scarf, to a stunning piece of jewelry. It can even be a jacket, cardigan, or vest.

Are there are exceptions to the “third piece” rule?

Yes! Your third piece shouldn’t be your footwear, as this is an implied element of any outfit. The same goes jeans, tanks, and tees. 



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