Published on January 26, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

How do you choose the right flooring? How do you mix it up? What do you use where in the house and why? Designer Melissa Davis shares a few designer tips to help get you started.

Color: The rules are actually pretty simple, especially in a home that the spaces are a little bit smaller. If you start dividing up by color, that defines a space and it accentuates the size, be it small or large. So a great rule of thumb is to keep the tones similar. As you go through the house, from entrance to living to kitchen, all the way up into the other levels, having a similar palate will really open up the space.

Location: I love using a porcelain, something really hard wearing, in the entry. Natural stone is lovely but salt and sand can really damage a natural stone. Porcelain tile is beautiful for that; very, very durable. Then, when you transition into the upper levels, be that main, second, or third floors, an engineered wood is really king in that department. Engineered wood has this great backing to it. It’s a plywood which means layers of wood layer on top of each other. Depending on the climate; humidity, dryness, etc. – it doesn’t expand and contract like solid wood does. In the upper levels, more engineered wood or you could go to a carpet. I know carpet hasn’t been so popular the last few years, but now there’s lovely products that are completely stain resistant and offer sound proofing properties that help to mask that foot traffic upstairs to down. Lastly, for basements, I love a great LVT; that’s a luxury vinyl product. This is sort of the big brother of a laminate. It’s around the same price point but is all plastic, synthetic material. No water or no moisture is ever going to damage it.

Ask for Help: I know we’ve covered a lot but don’t be overwhelmed. There are people out there to help. Visit your local flooring specialist, or better yet, call your designer.

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