Published on February 15, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Tyler Searle demonstrates different techniques for different hairstyles!

 Today, I just wanted to demonstrate a few different techniques with household tools that you can do to create different looks with your hair, starting with the curling rod. Now, this is something that most people are quite familiar with and this has kind of been a staple in terms of curling techniques. A very traditional way to curl. The idea is, you just take the hair and wrap it around the rod. You would let it sit for a few minutes and then pull it out and you get these nice, tight ringlet curls. This is a very bouncy look, a very frothy look.

On the other hand, we have techniques that can be created using flat irons. This is a more modern technique. You get a little bit more length out of the hair and it’s quite a simple technique to complete as well. So, following the same basic demonstration as the curling rod, you want to just pull your section, wrap it around and then slowly pull it out with your flat iron. Give it a little twist. The best way to create the look is to just pull them out a little bit. You’re not worried about messing this look up because that’s part of the beauty of it. It feels awkward to do it on yourself at home at first but, I promise you, if you take the time, maybe an hour out of your day, grab a curling rod, grab a flat iron, and just give it a shot at home.


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