Published on November 21, 2019 by Marc & Mandy
When selling your home, staging is half is the battle and the importance of it should not be underestimated. On this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Simran Rai of Raicon Developments tours a condo to display how to stage a home for selling. To learn more, watch the video above or keep reading for the highlights of his tour.
Set Your Tables
When staging your home, one simple thing you can do is set your dining room table. This will help your prospective buyer to visualize themselves in the space. Set your tables to showcase the maximum amount of diners that can be accommodated at one time.
Highlight Your Counter Space
The best way to highlight your counter space is by keeping it clean, clear, and clutter-free. The brighter a space appears, the more appealing it will be. 
Free Seating
In order for prospective buyers to visualize entertaining in your space, they’ll need to see physical seating available. Ensure your couches are clutter-free and that all possible seating has been arranged as if you are about to entertain.
Key points: don’t over-personalize, keep in neutral, and always declutter.
About Raicon Developments
Raicon is a home design and building company that boasts a deep understanding of construction materials, building methods, and real human behavior. To learn more or to get in touch, visit the Raicon Developments website.
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  • Darren Scrubb 6 months ago

    Great tips to keep for when you want to sell your own condo home.

  • kristen visser 6 months ago

    ooo some great tips and pointers here. thank you for sharing. we are hoping to sell next year and will now have a better idea on how to stage our home

  • Monica S 6 months ago

    Really great tips for making your home look it’s best for selling!

  • Holly S 6 months ago

    Some great tips!

  • Dianne B. 6 months ago

    Got some great tips & ideas from here.

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