Published on May 24, 2016 by Marc & Mandy

Designer Harvey Wise treats Designer Glen Peloso to a tour of a prestigious Toronto home he recently designed using lighting and furnishings from Union Lighting & Furnishings!



  • wendy hutton 10 months ago

    beautiful home, I love the flooring

  • Debbie Bashford 10 months ago

    wow beautiful!

  • Elizabeth Matthiesen 10 months ago

    What a beautiful home, the marble flooring is wonderful and the lighting everywhere spectacular, love it.

  • jan 10 months ago

    Love that light fixture at the 2:00 mark!

  • Shirley OFlynn 10 months ago

    I love the customized Italian marble and the kitchen pendant lights. Beautiful home!

  • Cathy Brown 9 months ago

    Love the family room and the auto blinds.

  • Dale Steele Nicolov 9 months ago

    Very beautiful choices for lighting throughout the home.

  • Debbie Browne 9 months ago

    Love the clean lines and light colors.

  • Janet M 9 months ago

    I enjoy home tours and this one was exceptional in gorgeous colors and styles.

  • Victoria Ess 9 months ago

    The dinette is beautiful.

  • Paula D 9 months ago

    ‘Prestigious’ is right!

  • laura feist 9 months ago

    dinette is beautiful

  • toni velthuis 9 months ago

    a beautiful design idea!

  • Adam Taylor 9 months ago

    So beautiful. The ceilings are even beautiful.

  • Heather Janssens 9 months ago

    Those circular lights are soo unique, I love them!

  • Karen Petrychko 9 months ago

    This is truly wonderful ! Very very nice!

  • Lori O 9 months ago

    lovely home

  • angela eagle 8 months ago

    now there is a livingroom I would never learve

  • Elizabeth Zambri 8 months ago

    Spectacular Dream Home!!!

  • richard turner 8 months ago

    pretty cool looking

  • Penny Turko 8 months ago

    Absolutely gorgeous home! So many great ideas!

  • JIL 8 months ago

    Can you imagine living in a gorgeous home like this?

  • Susan Lewis 7 months ago

    I always like a classic white kitchen. Great island. Just a bit too much grey for me everywhere. I like a bit more colour.

  • Rosanne Robinson 7 months ago

    When I win the lottery, want to buy this home!!!

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