Published on September 14, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

The benefits of planting trees are manifold. In addition to providing png privacy, shade, and oxygen, trees also support and provide habitat for a myriad of other organisms. In the spirit of trees, horticulturalist and landscaping expert Troy Barkman of Paradise Landscaping shares some of his expert tips for tree planting.

Tips & Tricks:

  • When planting a coniferous plant, you’ll want to dig a hole that’s roughly the same in depth as the roots are in length. 
  • Dig the hole twice to three times larger than the circumference of the root hole on your tree. For example, if the root hole is 14 inches wide, you want to dig your hole (at least) 28 inches wide.
  • If you encounter top soil that is rich and dark in color, you can keep your hole a little narrower than if your soil is not rich.
  • Prior to planting your tree, you want to first “tease the roots.” All this means is you want to clear some of the excess soil from the roots of your plant, by tousling the roots, so that they make direct contact with the soil in your hole when you plant it.
  • To plant your tree, pick it up by its base, or by the root hole, and place it nice and gently inside of the planting hole. Take extra caution to ensure the tree is placed straight. 
  • You can then backfill with some soil, with a light layer. As you fill soil in, compact it gently with your foot, so avoid air spaces.
  • Avoid covering the truck with soil.
  • Take extra caution to keep the tree straight, and water your tree frequently for best results!

Happy planting!

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