Published on July 11, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Today on The Marc and Mandy ShowHanna Taylor of Hotwire Electric shares some great lighting trends and ideas for your home! These simple ideas can give your home lighting a new level of functionality and style! 


Staircase Accent Lighting  

A new trend that is growing in popularity is accent lighting on and around interior staircases. This kind of lighting serves a decorative purpose as well as a practical one: to illuminate your path and lessen the risk of accidents. In some cases, this kind of lighting is set on a timer or synced up with a home automation system so that the lighting is only activated when its dark in the home. These LED lights have to be well designed with your electrician before installation.  


A Lift Installation 

A new trend for custom homes is the use of a lift. A lift installation allows the homeowner to lower a chandelier and lift it back up at their own convenience. This kind of technology makes it must simpler and safer to swap out delicate and heavy chandelier light fixtures and to clean and maintain them. 


To learn more about electrical contracting, commercial and residential lighting design, and smart home automation visit the Hotwire Electric website. 


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