Published on March 1, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

2017 was all about the color green. Not only did Pantone dub Greener their official color of the year, but Greenery-inspired fashion dotted last year’s runway, proving once and for all that you can’t go wrong with green. It seems that designer, Evelyn Eshun, appreciates the nature-inspired hue also, citing this moss green sofa as beautiful and versatile. Eshun lends us her expertise and shows us how to increase the versatility of this statement piece of furniture by changing its surrounding decor from season to season.

Winter Look
Evelyn Eshun’s winter look centers around dark and moody colors, which set a cozy and romantic tone – perfect for the chilly weather winter is notorious for. Think: navy blue, burgundy, deep purple, and pine needle green. Thick, high-pile textiles are also best suited for winter, and Eshun has set the scene here with a few standout textures, including a cozy wool throw, a purple rug, and a chic leather ottoman and single-seater chair.

Spring Look
Much like the actual season, a spring decor look should automatically be lighter and brighter than a winter one. Eshun sets the scene via a vase of pristine white tulips on top of the coffee table, which provides a bright focal point for the eye. The coffee table, made of acrylic and glass, is functional without taking up much visual space, and the brushed gold on the corners give the table a stand-out edge. In the winter look, Eshun layered a deep purple rug overtop of a cream colored one; for her spring look, she simply removed the purple rug, giving full spotlight to the cream one underneath. In addition to selecting a lighter coffee table, the designer has selected lighter accents all around, including white throw pillows and a grey and white plaid throw.


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