Published on November 9, 2019 by Marc & Mandy
Are you in the market for a kitchen cabinetry upgrade? In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Alexis Kofman introduces their new company, Lev2.
About Lev2:
Based out of Oshawa, Ontario, Lev2 is a kitchen cabinetry manufacturer, offering precise cabinet sizing, custom post, pull outs, and step outs that give kitchens depth. Lev2 uses the highest quality materials and all of their cabinets are made with full backs and are glued and screwed together, providing a superior finished product. Recently, Lev2 opened doors to their new 6,500 square foot open-sourced, collaborative design studio.
The Lev2 Studio Space
This open-sourced studio space is bringing in seven competing designers to work in a collaborative approach, to help inspire creativity, and form new and creative ideas in the world of cabinetry.
Lev2 Collaborative Partners
This space would not have come to life without Lev2’s collaborative partners: IPM Independent Project Managers, JJ Maguire, Michael Penney of Penney & Co., Orsi Panos of Orsi Panos Interiors, Cynthia Soda of Soda Pop Design, Kaitlynn Mitchell of K. Mitchell Design, Christine Elliot of Christine Elliot Design, Kristy Lee Bailey of Interiors in Order, Leslie Appleton of Inspiration Nest, and Alexis Kofman of Big Renovation and Design.
To learn more, visit the Lev2 Facebook page or visit their open-sourced, collaborative design studio in Oshawa.

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