Published on August 24, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Designing a dining room is easier than you think when you have the help of a designer like Lisa Clark. Lisa shows us an example of a beautiful dining room. She starts the transformation with a wall paint color choice of a deep earthy red with no pink or orange tones. (Beauti-tone Featured Color: Earthly Pleasure A3-1-0102-3)  Lisa states that red stimulates the appetite and has certain positive psychological effects. Many restaurants use red as it makes you want to stay and linger in that relaxing environment.

The next step to dressing the room is the table and chairs. Lisa has strayed from the era of precious, pristine wood that needed to be protected with tempered glass or table cloths. She has gone with a deep stained, weathered look table which is very usable and livable.  We can now enjoy the drama and beauty of the wood without covering it up.  A new trend today is miss-matching chairs.  Lisa suggests that the end chairs can be more substantial such as captain’s chairs. The other chairs can be mixed so that it doesn’t give a feeling that you just walked into a store and picked out a set. It gives it more character.

Next, Lisa opted for standard high quality white dinnerware that will never go out of style.  These sit atop beautiful, gold plastic chargers. She added a different styled gold and black faceted bowl to add character to the table setting. Lisa suggests experimenting with the placement of your napkins rather than the common ‘’beside the plate, under the utensils’’ way. In this case she placed the linen napkin on the plate with the bowl nesting on top to achieve a layered look for her table. Lisa also mixed and matched her utensils, using both silver and gold cutlery to create a very dramatic look. The whole dining room ambience is one of sparkle, comfort and elegance.



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