Published on December 5, 2018 by Marc & Mandy
Dining room decor is known for being dramatic, impactful and oftentimes ornate. Today on The Marc and Mandy Show, Holly Nimens sits down with Saeed Manochehry of PHD Furniture to discuss a stunning, luxurious dining room set. Watch the video above or keep reading for the highlights. 
What are the highlights of this dining room?
Saeed Manochehry: This dining room is one of the most luxurious that we have. It is made up entirely of hand-crafted, solid wood furniture. Each piece is distinctive because each piece features different carvings, patterns, and fabrics. 
Why is this dining room a little different than your typical dining room?
SM: These are all imported furniture, made in Iran. Many of the designs are historical Persian designs, which is why they are so distinctive and unique. All furniture pieces can be custom ordered, depending on the buyers needs. 
Would you say that this is more of a luxurious dining room?
SM: Yes. Basically, it’s more formal. Lots of people now want to have some sort of glamorous element to their houseperhaps something that is fit for entertainingso they’re inclined to a more luxurious, upscale, and elegant design like this dining room. 
Can you tell me a little bit about how the furniture is made?
SM: In the furniture industry, you tend to see many items that are made from compressed wood, polyresin, and polyester. This is not the case for PHD Furniture. All furniture made and sold through PHD Furniture is solid woodthe sort of stuff you may see at a museum from 400 or 500 years ago. In other words, these pieces are meant to last a long time.
To learn more or to shop custom, ornate furniture as featured in the video above, visit the PHD Furniture website. 
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