Published on December 14, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

As time goes on your skin begins to change which can make doing your makeup increasingly difficult. Amanda De Roy shares some tips and tricks on how to do eye shadow and liner on mature skin.

While pastel blue and purple eye shadows may have been all-the-rage in the ’90s, it’s important that your eyeshadow look matures at the same rate that you do. Amanda De Roy, of Sheriff Cosmetics, shows us a mature eyeshadow look and how to execute it. 

Step 1: Prime

Using an eye and lip primer, apply coverage to the eyelids, and above the crease of the lid. This step is important in ensuring the longevity of your eye shadow look, preventing it from fading away over the course of your day.

Step 2: Accentuate the Crease

When you are working with mature skin, you want to stay away from shimmery or shiny products, as they will accentuate fine lines that you might have. Instead, opt for matte shadows, beginning with a light to medium tone, like taupe, for your crease. TIP Using the right brush for the job is half the battle. For eyeshadow, your brush should be small enough to fit in the crease of your lid, and the bristles should be fluffy to better disperse the pigment.

Step 3: Contrast

Next, using a slightly darker color, such as a sandy tone, go over the shadow you’ve already applied. This will lend your shadow the look of dimension.

Step 4: Accentuate the Outer Crease

Using a slightly darker color still, like chocolate brown, apply shadow to the outer crease of the lid, focusing your brush on the outer lid in a semi-circle motion. The outer lid is the most visible when you open your eyes, so keep in mind that pigment in this area will be especially visible. TIP If you can pinpoint where exactly on the lid your fine lines are, avoid applying dark pigment to that area. Applying dark pigment will, again, accentuate any fine lines that you might have.

Step 5: Define the Lash Line

Finally, using the darkest color in your pallet, such as eggplant, softly define the lash line.


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