Published on May 16, 2019 by Marc & Mandy
On this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Sarah-Marie Lackey, of Sarah-Marie Interiors, visits Fifth & Fir to see their gorgeous mosaic surfaces. Keep reading for the highlights of their interview. 
About Fifth & Fir:
Fifth & Fir is a boutique tile and flooring supplier based in Vancouver, BC. They specialize in mosaics, but they’ve recently introduced water-cutting into their collections. 
What is mosaic tiling?
In the tile world, a mosaic is defined as an inlay design pattern, which utilizes tiles that are smaller than 2×2 inches. 
What is water-cutting?
Water-cutting is a technique used to imprint designs onto tile. This method is way easier to execute than traditional stone-cutting methods. The water-cutting technique utilizes a water-jet to thinly and precisely impress nearly any unique shape or design onto the surface of the tile. Fifth & Fir offers water-cut tiles in 80 different colors, so the sky is the limit!
To browse Fifth & Fir tile collections or to get in touch, visit their website
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