Published on July 6, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

In this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show: Ask the Expert, custom home builder Amir Karimi of Archia Developments answers your questions about energy efficiency in new homes, budgets and costs and what should all be included in a quote. Keep reading for the Q & A. 


Q: What are the major energy-saving features in the new homes you build? 

A: We know how valuable energy is these days and we also know how to save energy when we are building a home by choosing good materials and implementing the right techniques. We always use high efficiency boilers, heating systems, cooling systems, Energy Star appliances, air tight windows, and LED bulbs for all interior and exterior lighting. During construction, we do our best to make sure the house is air sealed. For example, when we are installing the windows, doors, insulation, or cladding, we use professional trades and ensure the project is supervised by a professional engineer.  


Q: How and when will the final price of a home be determined? 

A: By having the architectural and structural drawings, we are able to come up with a rough price by using our software. If we have a list of material we are going to use in the house, we can come up with an even more accurate price. 


Q: What is excluded from your quote? 

A: Basically, extra and unforeseen work, such as dealing with contaminated soil, bedrock blasting, shoring, or dealing with unsuitable ground situation is excluded. Also, extra work due to some changes is not included in our quote. 


For all your custom home building questions and needs, visit the Archia Developments website.  


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