Published on January 26, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Selecting flooring for your kitchen can be a difficult task. Melissa Davis shares the pros and cons of various options!

As designers, we get asked about kitchen flooring quite a bit, because there’s a lot of controversy surrounding it. The number one thing people always ask; “Can you put hardwood in the kitchen?” The answer is yes but not hardwood, engineered wood. Wood and water don’t mix, or rather, they do, too much. So if there is any moisture or spills, a wood floor will absorb it and that’s three-quarters of an inch of sponge in effect as opposed to engineered wood, where it’s just a very thin layer. With engineered flooring, as long as you get the water up within a relatively small amount of time, you’re okay. In fact, you can actually let it sit and dry over the next two to three months and any buckling will go down and people don’t really realize that. The reason people do hardwood and engineered is to carry through from other rooms, but it’s also soft under foot, so it’s better on your back if you’re in the kitchen a lot.

A great new product that’s on the market now is again LVT; luxury vinyl tile. We talk about this a lot for basements, but people don’t realize it’s also fantastic for kitchens. They come in lots of patterns, colors and sizes so you can really be creative with it. The beauty is that it’s vinyl so no water absorption and you can actually grout it in place so it looks exactly like porcelain tile or a natural stone tile. Because it’s vinyl, it’s a bit softer under foot. Wood is of course the best as vinyl still has a bit of that spongeyness to it.

The classic choice is still porcelain tile. Natural stone stains, it doesn’t matter how well you seal it. Porcelain is still a really great option if you need something that can take a lot of wear. It’s easy to clean up and basically indestructible. But, it’s also very hard, so it is a little bit more difficult to stand on. Another great thing about porcelain is that you can get other tiles that coordinate with it for the backsplash and accent areas. The thickness is the same, so you could do inlays and borders and really get creative with that as well.

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