Published on June 18, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

‘Tis the season for outdoor entertaining! In that spirit, designer Sarah-Marie Lackey tours an outdoor living space with a stunning pergola and outdoor kitchen by Cavalry Construction. Keep reading for the highlights. 


Fir Beam Pergola 

Douglas fir trees tend to grow faster than hardwood trees, making them the lesser expensive wood option. Because fir is soft wood, it’s also more manageable to work with during the construction process. Practically aside, firs tend to have a straight grain and come in a rich yellow or reddish-brown hue, which can come off looking rich and rustic. The fir beam pergola featured in this outdoor space is no exception. 


Outdoor Fireplace 

In addition to a gorgeous pergola made from fir beams, this impressive outdoor space features a large format fireplace, at special request from the clients. These homeowners tend work really long hours, so they wanted an outdoor space built for relaxation. Fortunately for them, this fireplace gives off enough heat that it can be used all year round. 


Outdoor Kitchen 

Adjacent to the fireplace is the outdoor kitchen, complete with an outdoor griddle, a barbecue, Italian-made countertops. The countertops are worth special mentioning because they withstand ice, rain, and heat, in addition to being rock-hard and built to last. 


To see more of their stunning work, visit the Cavalry Construction website. 


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