Published on June 6, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Designer Kelsey Kosman visits Blind Shiners to find some of the latest trends for your window blinds.

Custom anything and everything is huge right now, and tapping into that market are the professionals at Blind Shiners, who have been in the market of customization for more than 25 years. Their selection of custom window treatments include a myriad of different blind styles, ranging from concept rollers to vertical sheers to screens to faux wood models – all available to suit your custom window design needs, regardless of arches, angels, and unusual sizing.

New to their collection are their High Performance Shutters. Available in PVC and colored PVC, these horizontal shutters achieve two effects: optimal privacy and maximal room darkening. Unlike traditional shutters, the High Performance Shutters are also easy to clean; simply open the front panel for easy cleaning access.

Visit Blind Shiners’ website for a free estimate today, or to book an appointment to visit their showroom.

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