Published on July 2, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

In this segment of Cooking On The Road, chef Parinya Lopston, of BCD Culinary Academy & Catering, shows us how to make a Gaeng Liang Kabocha Soup. Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial. 


What you’ll need: 1.5 cups Kabocha squash, 1 tbsp lemon basil, 1.5 tsp ground peppers, 1/2 cup shallots, 5 cloves garlic, 1 tbsp lesser ginger, 1 to 2 birds’ eye chillies, 1 tsp shrimp paste, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, dried shrimp/fish, 1 cup cream, micro greens, Thai crackers 


Step 1: Heat  

First off, boil your Kabocha squash. At the same time, in a separate pot, add cream, onions, ginger, pepper. Heat up the pot with the cream.  


Step 2: Blend 

Once the squash is boiled and the cream has heated up, you can add the contents of both pots into a blender. When adding the cream-based contents, use a sift or strainer to separate the liquid ingredients from the solid. Only the liquid ingredients should be added to the blender. You can also add a little more ginger and salt at this stage. Add in a small amount of shrimp paste as well. Blend everything until smooth.  


Step 3: Garnish 

Once you’ve blended the soup and added it to a bowl, you can begin to garnish, using dried shrimp or fish, micro greens, and Thai crackers. 


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