Published on October 19, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Riobel’s new Genius system makes controlling your shower easier than ever with an electronic touch screen control panel.



  • jan 1 year ago

    Setting the temp in your shower? Crazy.

  • Dianne U 12 months ago

    I think I could get use to the temperature set feature.

  • Carole D 12 months ago

    I don’t think I need that feature, easy to do with the tap.

  • kevin linkie 12 months ago

    I don’t think this feature is a must for me, but many people will absolutely love it. Everyone is caught up in controlling all appliances with smart phones.

  • Barry Kazimer 12 months ago

    Too high tech

  • Sherry M 12 months ago

    Just a wee bit overboard with the techie stuff.

  • erin n 12 months ago

    Wow technology is getting crazy lol! I don’t think I would need that, but I’m sure lots of people would want it !

  • Ken Willie 12 months ago

    Who a digital shower!

  • Gordon Harmatiuk 12 months ago

    I like the feature very much. Easy to change if for some reason, some day you need the shower temp changed.

  • Mary Danieli 12 months ago

    Genius shower system – I agree – this is great – but what about if you like a hot and a cold shower? Faster to turn a knob than touch a screen for several seconds?

  • Jay Jeworski 12 months ago

    Wow looks pretty techy.

  • Yen Tam 12 months ago

    i like it

  • Janice Cournoyer 12 months ago

    I love new ideas!! Great technologhy

  • Leanne 12 months ago

    I love that you can set an exact temperature . That’s so awesome .

  • Susan Hanley 12 months ago

    Nice being able to set your water temperature before you get in.

  • Angela Bulbeck 12 months ago

    Great idea though my house is so old it doesn’t even have a shower.

  • Elaine Beierbach 12 months ago

    I would love that shower.

  • Helen Liang 12 months ago

    Being able to set the temperature digitally is super handy!

  • Catherine Robichaud 12 months ago

    I love that you can set the temperature of your shower. It’s a great safety feature for young children and the elderly. Those shower heads are beautiful.

  • Christy Eldred 12 months ago

    Love these shower features! And nice safety feature too.

  • Dawn 12 months ago

    I love, love, love the pre set shower temp ides

  • eric 12 months ago

    I like the idea to set your water temperature before you get in.

  • eric 12 months ago

    I like the idea of setting the temp before you get in.

  • susan 12 months ago

    amazing options!

  • Kristen Porter 12 months ago

    I love that this shower looks fun to use but also easy to clean- the older styles are tough with hard water!

  • Elaine Douglas 12 months ago

    oh wow that would be a dream to have a shower with those!

  • AD 12 months ago

    Love this! Like the electronic component to it…

  • Debbie White Beattie 12 months ago

    This is a great option because it would save a lot of time and water because you don’t have to figure out what temperatures you want on a daily basis.

  • toni velthuis 12 months ago

    loving these new ideas!

  • Carol Saponja 12 months ago

    like the temperature setting feature

  • nicole a 12 months ago

    crazy how much tech can go into a faucet!

  • Gary Murakami 12 months ago

    Nice toys

  • Michel Gauthier 12 months ago

    wow what a great idea

  • Birdie Colleen Trafford 12 months ago

    Wow at the touch of the screen you can switch from the hand held to the rain shower , soooo love that

  • mr mike betts 12 months ago

    sounds amazing….great technology

  • Cynthia Thomas 12 months ago

    I think this is a stupid idea – more bells and whistles and things to break. How hard is it to turn a handle?

  • Robyn Bellefleur 12 months ago

    Sounds good to me! I would love to be able to set the temp of my showers.

  • moon 12 months ago

    nice idea

  • wendy hutton 12 months ago

    its nice but a bit too techy for old me lol

  • Donnas 11 months ago

    I love this. We need it at our home. He prefers a different temperature than me.

  • amber 11 months ago

    need to have this

  • angie andrews 11 months ago

    i would love to be able to set the temperature for my shower.

  • Silvia D 11 months ago

    would be wonderful! great video!

  • Gloria C 11 months ago

    Great video!

  • Peter H 11 months ago

    Does it really need to be this complicated?

  • Dorothy H 11 months ago

    I’ll keep my showers simple.

  • Dixie Scory 10 months ago

    Wow I am impressed with the tech

  • Rosanne Robinson 10 months ago

    It may take a few tries for me to get used to setting the temperature, but I definitely would like to try it, thx!

  • Don Tymchuk 10 months ago

    A digital shower–interesting concept. I wonder about cleaning-is the pad inside the shower and exposed to the water, soap, etc.? How durable is this?

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