Published on January 25, 2019 by Marc & Mandy

Question: What should you look for when selecting a home builder for your custom home? Answer: watch the video above or keep reading, because this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show: Ask An Expert features Ranjit Rai, of Raicon. Keep reading for our expert-approved, advice-packed Q&A. 


Q: What key elements should I consider when choosing a custom home builder? 

A: The key items you want to consider when choosing a custom home builder are: 

  • Do they have the time? 
  • Do they have the financial resources? 
  • Do they have interest? 
  • Do they have organizational skill? 
  • Do they have experience? 
  • Have they done custom home building before? 


Ensure you ask for resumes, access to their current and past projects, and client references. Retrieving information such as this will help you to ensure that your custom home builder will meet your needs.  


Your builder should be able to communicate well to you and have a pleasant personality. During your first meeting, note whether your builder has shown up on time and with the necessary preparations done and information handy. Pay attention to interpersonal and organizational skills when you interview your potential building, because a professional with good communication skills could mean the difference between a job done well the first time and an unsavory experience.  


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