Published on July 31, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

When it comes to household chores, it can be a tricky and touchy subject in a relationship.  We have family therapist Gerry Goertzen to talk about how we can properly split up the domestic work. He says it is a constant learning process. Everybody wants to have a clean and uncluttered place. One of the most common complaints is getting to a fair place. What is fair in dividing chores when one feels she or he is always picking up the slack? Gerry states that sometimes it starts with the simple act of asking. He emphasizes the art of communication in a polite and secure manner. One strategy that Gerry suggests is asking in advance and planning. This decreases the level of frustration that can often build up with time.

In many of today’s households, both individuals are working outside the home. Often one spouse arrives home earlier than the other. The one arriving home latest should not assume that because they are done at the office that they are done at home as well. Don’t take that for granted. When you get home, ask if there is something you can do to help with the chores. Acknowledge that you are tired and that your spouse may be as well.  Even doing small chores like taking out the garbage is significant.

Positive reinforcement is key, such as saying thank you and complementing each other for a job well done. It’s important to explain why chores must be done so that a family can enjoy a comforting and welcoming space.



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