Published on July 13, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Ask The ExpertWolf Nickel of Stor-X shares tips for planning closet storage, preparing for your visit with your closet organization professional, mudroom organization, and laundry room organization. 


Q: Where do you start when determining the best storage configuration for a closet? 

A: So before your storage designer shows up, you need to decide what you’re going to put into your space. Your storage designer will ask you different questions about different types of hanging that you may have, including jewelry, clothes, handbags, gym gear. And remember, the glamorous isn’t just for ladies. If you are sharing your closet with a partner, they might want to have a little bit of feedback on their needs as well, so ensure you are giving them that opportunity. Your storage designer will ask you about priorities; such as, if you like to have different hanging heights or different shelving heights, whether you need accessories racks,  such as jewelry drawers and tie racks. All of these will create a custom space just for you.  


Q: What sort of things should I consider when organizing my mudroom? 

A: The mudroom in your home can often resemble Grand Central Station. It’s a catch-all for backpacks, winter gear, hockey gear.  Your storage designer will ask you questions about what kinds of activities your family likes to partake in. If you’re a big hockey fan, you can get a custom hockey gear organizer; if you have a lot of backpacks, your designer will recommend lots of hooks; if here’s lots of little pieces, such as hats and mittens, your designer will recommend drawers or baskets. You can turn the mudroom that is chaotic into a thing of organizational beauty.  


Q: My laundry room is a mess! What could an expert do to help me? 

A: When your Stor-X designer is done helping you organize your laundry room, it will be a place that you definitely will want to spend time in. Laundry rooms are often strange spaces with funny angles and tight corners; Stor-X expert specialize in getting you the best use of your space. 


To learn more about custom closets and storage solutions for all the rooms in your home, check out the Stor-X website. 


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