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Trips to the cottage can be fun-filled and packed with laughs, but just like any other trip, unforeseen factors can end up raining on the parade. In that spirit, today’s episode of The Marc and Mandy Show features Marc and Mandy. Today, they’re sharing some common struggles of cottage and lake life.
Regular Maintenance 
To enjoy your cottage to its full potential, a certain amount of upkeep can and should be expected. This could mean anything from checking up on the septic tank to mowing the lawn to cleaning out the gutters to washing down the windows. 
Cleaning and Cooking
Besides the cleaning that should be happening on the maintenance side of things, the inside of the house will also require regular upkeep, just like your year-round home does. Think: washing dishes, doing laundry, and mopping floors. (And don’t forget about groceries, food prep, and cooking!)
People often underestimate just how much you’ll need to pack to take a trip to a lake-adjacent cottage, particularly if you have little ones. Besides food items, things like swim trucks, floating devices, sunscreen, bug spray, towels, and plenty of beach toys are all easy things to forget at home. Forgetting important things like this can put a damper on your whole family’ enjoyment.
Thinking about investing in a cottage property? Watch the video above for what to expect about maintaining your cottage property.
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