Published on February 2, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Are you one of those people that neglect to stretch during your exercise routines?

You do all the cardio, you do the strength but you forget to stretch. It’s really important that you actually incorporate that into your workout. Whether it’s at the beginning of your workout or at the end of your workout or even just setting a day aside to stretch; it’s important because one of the main reasons why you stretch is actually because you want to avoid injury. So while you’re working out you can do all the lifting and the cardio but without stretching, you actually strain your muscles and you want to actually be able to do that for a long time.

Stretching will also help you correct any postural imbalances that you might have. Say you work at a desk and you spend a lot of time in a hunched over position all day typing at work. Doing stretching incorporating flexibility in your workout will actually help you improve that. You’re going to have better posture, you’re going to feel better and you’re going to allow your muscles to work through a range of motion to actually maximize their potential during your cardio and strength workouts. This is going to help you to actually become more well fit in your overall health. – Tim Thiessen


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Written by Marc & Mandy


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