Published on November 30, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

No matter who’s on your holiday gift list, a gift basket is the perfectly personalized gift. In that spirit, Joanne Blouin chats with Robin Kovitz of Baskits: Purveyors of Fine Gifts about custom gift ideas for every person on your gift list! 


Joanne Blouin: So Robin, tell me, why baskets? 

Robin Kovitz: Why not a basket? There’s something for everyone and we ship right across North America. You can purchase online, visit us in store, or call. We carefully curate these items and pick only the finest items, so your basket is sure to impress. And with Baskits, you don’t have the risk of just one gift, you have a bunch of gifts.  


JB: So it’s great for mother-in-laws! 

RK: Yes, mother-in-laws, bosses, sister-in-laws, your employees, your customers, new babies–the list goes on.  


JB: So which basket is your favorite? 

RK: That’s a tough question because I love them all. One basket in particular includes a Pasta Night book via William Sonoma, the best pasta you’ve ever tasted from Italy, these gorgeous chocolate pastilles, a handy colander, and then some great marinara sauce from western Canada as well.   


To learn more about the products and services offered by Baskits, check out this website. 


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