Published on August 24, 2019 by videoposts
Today on The Marc and Mandy Show, Grief Recovery Specialist Kitty Howard shares three tips for how to help friends or family to deal with grief. Keep reading to find out more. 
  1. Grief is normal and natural. First of all, grief is a normal and natural reaction to a loss of any kind, and it’s really about learning how to live with a broken heart. So, with that in mind, we want to silence the platitudes and all of the statements that aren’t particularly helpful or supportive. 
  1. Avoid any statement that begins with “at least.” For instance, “At least, you have more children”; or, “At least you’re young enough to get married again.” It diminishes the life of the person who is now passed on and the relationship your friend or family had with them. 
  1. Instead of trying to relate, accept the fact that you can’t. Try saying something like, “I know you’re going through a lot of pain right now, and I actually don’t really know what you’re experiencing or what to say. So, I want you to know what I’m here, and if you ever want to share with me some stories about them or your life together, I would love to learn more.”
To learn more about dealing with grief, visit Kitty Howards website
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