Published on January 21, 2020 by Marc & Mandy
Travel is no piece of cake, but if you do it right, it’s well worth the work. On this special travel-themed episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Jesse Eberts from Walnut Grove Cruise and Travel chats with Freddie Marsh from Panama Jacks Resorts about about their resorts and some must-know travel tips. Keep reading for the highlights of their chat.
Travel Tips, Resort Travel: The Dos & Don’ts
  • Do read reviews of your resort and destination prior to booking.
  • Do assess the food options. Most resorts will offer the choice between buffets and more traditional restaurants. Scope out the food options prior to your trip, particularly if you have a picky eater in tow.
  • Do consider transportation to and form the airport and resort. Is it included? How long of a commute is it?
  • Do consider time of year. Keep in mind that travelling off-season could save you thousand of dollars for virtually the same experience.
  • Don’t forget to check the weather prior to booking. One risk you take travelling off season is encountering bad weather conditions, such as overcast skies and/or rain. Make sure you check  out the day and evening weather conditions prior to your trip so that you can prepare accordingly.
  • Don’t take risks when eating outside of the resort. Check that the place you’re eating is clean, if it has any online reviews, and if it has customers already eating there.
  • Don’t trust the water, even within your resort. On the resort, ensure it is specified as drinking water. Off the resort, stick to sealed, bottled water. 
  • Don’t forget to factor in tips for the service industry workers.
About Panama Jacks Resorts:
Panama Jacks Resorts is fairly new brand and a leading owner, operator, and developer of all-inclusive resorts in prime beachfront locations in Mexico and the Caribbean. In terms of location, price point, and suite size, the packages and amenities are well suited to families.
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  • nicky 2 months ago

    Thanks for the tips! I’d love to have a family vacation at an all-inclusive resort someday. Sounds fun and relaxing.

  • wendy hutton 4 weeks ago

    sounds like a wonderful place

  • Catherine Cole 4 weeks ago

    Looks like a wonderful place

  • wendy hutton 3 weeks ago

    would be a great place to visit

  • Calvin 2 weeks ago

    Nice tips, great place.

  • Nancy Giese 1 week ago

    Lovely! Simply lovely.

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