Published on September 5, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Are you in the market for some updated bathroom hardware? In this episode of Trend Spotting, celebrity designer Evelyn Eshun takes a visit to Riobel to check out some fantastic, designer ideas for your bathroom hardware. Keep reading for the low-down. 

What is a freestanding tub?

A freestanding tub is a tub which is finished on all three sides and does not fasten to a wall. As their name suggests, freestanding tubs are different than built-in tub in that they are not fixed to any one spot, and can be moved around like you would furniture.

Why are freestanding tubs so trendy?

One of the perks to going with a freestanding tub model is the flexibility of placement. That said, they are best suited to generously sized bathrooms, because they can be difficult to clean around if you’re working with a small space. As far as aesthetics go, freestanding tubs definitely have a luxurious feel to them, and if placed and maintained properly, can be a contemporary feature which will be attractive to potential home buyers.

What kind of hardware suits a freestanding tub?

Riobel has a range of faucet selections for all types of tubs, including freestanding. For example, there’s the Venty, which has a sleek appearance and a detachable head. The Venty also includes a thermostatic valve, which allows you to set your temperature and leave it there, meaning your days of testing and adjusting water temperature are over!

To shop the Venty and more, visit the Riobel website.



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