Published on April 17, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

No matter how phenomenal your kitchen setup is, it could probably do with some creative innovation. For this segment, designer Glen Peloso chats with Lucy Traetto of Blum about the newest hardware options available to create an exceptionally functional and stylish kitchen.

Handle-less Furniture 
If minimalistic home decor appeals to you, you’ll love Blum’s handle-less furniture system. With just a brief touch of the hand, hip, or knee, users can open lift systems, doors and pull-outs with little to no exertion. Choose between 100 percent electric or 100 percent mechanical system. Learn more about Blum’s Handle-less Furniture here.

Effortless Closing
Blum’s advanced system combines the advantages of the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system with reliable BLUMOTION dampening, which equates to silent, effortless, and safe closing of kitchen doors and drawers. Learn more about Blum’s Tip-On Blumotion here.

Just One System
In spite of the advanced technology employed by Blum, the operation of their products is deceiving easy. With SERVO-DRIVE you’ll need just one system to enable your entire kitchen, including wall cabinets and base units. Learn more about Blum’s SERVO-DRIVE here.

To shop these products and/or explore what else Blum has to offer, visit their website.


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