Published on May 15, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Often when you’re in a smaller place, you want to be able to make use of every single room that you have. For empty nesters, making the best of the bedrooms your children have left behind is, to say the least, a strategic move, made strategic further by the furniture to use to decorate them. Which brings us to our next point: the piece of furniture that keeps on giving, a.k.a the hidden bed. 

Now, we’re sure you’ve heard of, and perhaps even slept on, a murphy bed, however as handy as they can be, they can also be uncomfortable, difficult to use, and visually unattractive. Luckily, a place like the Hiddenbed Factory exists to give you a whole new lease on sofa beds. Here are a few we love. 

The Sofa-turned-bunkbed

Perfect for last minute visits from the grandchild is this Bunk Hiddenbed. Whether you’re working with one grandchild or multiple, this model will accommodate little visitors comfortably; it features shelving behind the lower bed and integrated ladders for safe and easy access to the top bunk. 

The Home-office-turned-bed

For something even more subtle and undetectable, there’s the Vertical Hiddenbed,  which conforms with the wall to form a desk when the bed is not in use. 

The Wall-turned-bed

If you enjoyed the discreteness of the Vertical Hiddenbed, you’ll love this third model, which slides in and out of your wall. This clever bed can be ejected with the press of a button, conserving your floor space until the bed is actually in use. 

Using your sofa bed 2.0 as a starting point, you can then work to make the rest of your converted room into the transitional room of your dreams. Make it a den, your home office, your entertainment room – the possibilities are nothing less than limitless!


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