Published on April 17, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Founded by avid world travelers, Virginie and Brian, Lacquer & Lotus is a boutique gallery specializing in Asian art and home decor. For this segment, Marc chats with founder, Virginie, about beautiful art pieces made using real lotus leaves for a 3D effect.

What is Lotus Living Art?
Lotus Living Art is comprised of actual lotus leaves from Asia, which have been dyed using natural dyes. They have been boldly painted in an effort to accentuate the natural structure and beauty of the veins of the leaves. As a final step, the leaves are lacquered in order to preserve them.

What is Lotus Living 3D Art?
Lotus Living 3D Art involves the same process as Lotus Living Art. The actual lotus leaves are dyed using natural dyes and are lacquered. The individual leaves are then mounted on a medium-density fiberboard.

Why lotus leaves?
The lotus carries a heavy significance, according to Indian philosophy. It is said to symbolizes purity, spontaneity, enlightenment, and divine beauty. 
While tropically-inspired prints have gone in and out of trendiness over the years, contemporary home decor welcomes natural and naturally-inspired elements in diverse forms. In 2018, “new nature” – home accents which incorporate actual elements of nature – inspires trend-forward home decor.

To view and shop Lacquer & Lotus’ collections featuring Lotus Living Art, Lotus Living 3D Art, homemade lacquer products, and original terra cotta figurines, visit their website.


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