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In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Trend Spotting, Designer Michelle Mawby, of Lucid Interior Design, shares the great perks of Zenlia’s beautiful bedroom set. This segment is brought to you by Zenlia.
The Trend: A Beautiful Bedroom Set
The Highlights:
  • This bedroom set comes in an amazing amount of different colors, stains, and paints. Zenlia will even match a color on-request.
  • The bedroom set is all solid wood. You can pick from oak, maple, or any species of wood that you want.
  • You can fully customize every single piece in this bedroom set, including custom drawers in the bed frame, a higher or lower footboard, any size dresser that would suit your space, and your choice of hardware.
  • To boot, Zenlia furnishings are hand-made by local Canadian artisans.
About Zenlia:
Zenlia Home Store aims to fulfill your dream of a furnished home with style. They pride themselves on an exclusive and unique range of home furnishings at competitive pricing, high business ethics, and strong customer relations. To learn more, visit the Zenlia website.
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  • Darren Scrubb 4 months ago

    Truly great that the set can be done with Canadian artisans. Also I would choose to do my set in Oakwood.

  • Maria Leandres 3 months ago

    Beautiful Bedroom set

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