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In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Trend Spotting, Designer Dvira Ovadia chats with Kathy Hinnawi from Zenlia about all the custom options for sectional sofas. Keep reading for the highlights of their interview.
The Trend: Customizable Sectional Sofas
Dvira Ovadia: Sectionals are all the hype. Whether you have a family room or a living room, everybody wants a sectional. They want a space where they can feel comfortable and where they can cozy up in. And sectionals are so wonderful because they can customizable, they can be done in all sorts of different sizes, shapes, and configurations. So today, Kathy is going to be telling us about the custom options we can have 
Kathy Hinnawi: With solid wood customization, you can build the frame any way you want. You can make it wider, deeper, higher, you can change the color of the frame, and the cushions can be done with foam or leather. It’s completely customizable and fits in any space. You choose it, we build it. 
Dvira Ovadia: And also the fabrics right? People can choose any type of fabric that they want? If they have kids and they’re driving to choose a fabric that’s a little more family-friendly. Or if it’s a young couple, and they can do white, then maybe they can go with a white linen or leather. So in conclusion, sectional are extremely accommodating to any type of space that you might have. They are extremely versatile and can be customized any way that you want.
About Zenlia:
Zenlia Home Store aims to fulfill your dream of a furnished home with style. They pride themselves on an exclusive and unique range of home furnishings at competitive pricing, high business ethics, and strong customer relations.
To learn more, check out the video above or visit the Zenlia website
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  • toni v 7 months ago

    my eye is always drawn to the white sectional, but I would pick grey for all of the mess I know will happen!

  • Krista M 7 months ago

    Such a good idea! I’ve always had a sectional & I’m in the market for a new one. Customizing it to suit your specific needs is the way to go.

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