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Do you have travel plans on the horizon? In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Fashion Expert Nicola Loewen of Mad About Style shares her go-to packing tips with Mandy and viewers. Keep reading for the highlights of their chat.
What does it mean to pack smart?
Packing smart means packing less. This can be a tough thing to do when packing for a trip. We all love to have options and it can be scary to leave the bulk of your closet behind, but if you pack smart, you’ll likely thank yourself later. 
How can you pack smarter?
Here are some things to keep in mind when packing for your next trip:
  • Think about key pieces—and make sure those pieces are incredibly versatile!
  • Plan outfits ahead. 
What are some possible vacation outfits?
  • Airplane outfit. If possible, the outfit you wear to the airport should be comprised of the heavier or bulkier pieces you’re planning to bring on your trip. Think: jackets, boots, and heavy sweaters.
  • An easy-to-wear day to night piece. Especially if you have kids in tow, you want to bring pieces that can be worn with ease and can be dressed down or up. This means fabrics that don’t necessarily have to be ironed or steamed. Think: a cotton jumpsuit.
To shop any of the looks from the above video, check out the Mad About Style website.
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