Published on May 15, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Designer Evelyn Eshun visits Greensville Soapstone and shares two great looks for your bathroom inspired by soapstone sinks and countertops.

If you’re looking for something natural, great looking, and durable for your kitchen or bathroom sinks and countertops, look no further than Greensville Soapstone, which is a Burlington, Ontario-based company that manufactures a variety of crowd-pleasing soapstone products. Choose to keep the material in its natural form, or seal it with a specially formulated dry wax – either way, soapstone, be it in sink or countertop form, can provide a stunning backdrop to whatever decorating scheme you desire for your bathroom. Here are two decorating schemes our in-house experts recommend. 

Fresh & Bright

To pull off a fresh and bright look, using soapstone as a starting point, think: colorful fabric, featuring organic hues, such as greens and blues, a light travertine floor tile, and porcelain accents. In terms of color palette, trendy seafoam, or anything in the blue, grey range would compliment the natural look of the soapstone, lending a crisp, clean, and refreshing New England-inspired vibe to the bathroom.


To pull off a glam look, using soapstone as a starting point, think; gold or metallic wallpaper, accessories, and hardware, and luxe, visually impactful textiles, such as velvet. In keeping with the  metallic theme, a combination of brushed gold or brass, coupled with black and white tile, will exude luxuriousness. To balance the use of metallic in a glam-style bathroom, a relatively neutral color palette should do the trick!

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