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In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Allan Switzer from WD Furnishings shows Mandy his unique chair collection.
One thing that sets WD Furnishings apart from other manufactures is their use of unconventional textiles, such as goat skin. Featured in the video above: a grey goatskin armchair with marbled detailing.
Historical Scroll-Work Detailing
Though some empire style furniture does in fact feature scroll-work detailing, WD Furnishings takes it to the next level, bringing the past into contemporary design. Featured in the video above: a solid walnut, hand-sculpted armchair, featuring scroll-work detailing on the arms and back. 
Hand-Inlayed Brass
WD Furnishings is all about the finer details that make furniture pieces unique. Such detailing ensures that even if a piece is small, it makes a big impact. Featured in the video above: a solid oak armchair with 252 pieces of hand-inlayed brass on each side of the chair.
About WD Furnishings:
Western Designers (WD) Furnishings  Ltd. is a family-owned and operated bespoke manufacturer founded in 1980. WD provides a full range of custom manufacturing services, specializing in bespoke upholstered furniture for private and public spaces. WD’s mission: to produce the finest quality bespoke upholstery and to provide our clients with the best personal customer service. To learn more, visit the WD Furnishings website.
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