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Are you considering having an “unplugged” wedding ceremony? In this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show: Party Planning With The Pros, Event Planner Extraordinaire Mindy Weiss talks about the benefits of unplugged weddings. This segment is brought to you by Fedora Media
What is an unplugged wedding?
An unplugged wedding is when you ask all guest to turn off their own handheld devices during the wedding ceremony and or wedding reception. This includes everything from phones to iPads to cameras.
Why do an unplugged wedding?
An unplugged wedding ensures two things:
  • Your guests are focussed on the ceremony, rather than their own electronic devices.
  • Your guests don’t get in the way of the photographer’s view of the ceremony.
How do I let my guests know that my wedding will be unplugged?
To let guests know that the wedding will be unplugged, include that information directly on your wedding invitation, display signs at your ceremony indicating such, and/or request your officiant make an announcement that it will be an unplugged ceremony. 
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  • Calvin 4 months ago

    Good to unplug once in a while.

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