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When preparing a house for sale, how you stage it is half the battle. In that spirit, this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show features Designer Karla Dreyer, of Karla Dreyer Designs, reporting from Today, Karla gives viewers and readers a behind-the-scenes look as she stylizes a a bathroom for her Refresh Photoshoot for Canadian Home Trends Magazine. 


Style Tip # 1: Address the space in between the two sinks.  

When working with a double vanity like the one in the video above, accessories should be welcomed. Karla’s favorite way to stylize that valuable counter-space is with a decorative tray. For this bathroom, she selects a white Lucite tray, filled with decorative soaps, jars, and bottles. Karla also points out that they key to this tray is that it’s transparent and it doesn’t take up any visual space on the countertop. 


Style Tip # 2: Incorporate wood elements. 

In addition to pops of gold, Karla’s white Lucite tray also includes a scrubbing brush with a wooden handle. Adding a wood element to an otherwise all-white-bathroom setting lends the room warmth. 


Style Tip # 3: Choose your soap wisely.  

When stylizing a double vanity, you should always have an even soap to sink ratio. This means, if there are two sinks, there should be a soap dispenser on either side of the double sink. Beyond just having the soap there, the soap you choose should smells luxurious and looks great too. 


Style Tip # 4: Incorporate texture 

According to Karla, every bathroom should have a basket of some kind. Baskets are a great way to introduce texture and color into an otherwise pristine bathroom setting. In addition to adding visual intrigue to the space, baskets are also as practical as they are pretty, and can be used as extra storage.  


For these expert tips and more, check out Karla’s video above. 


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