DIY Chrysanthemum Mirror

In this DIY segment, Marc and Mandy help Lisa reveal the secret of making a beautiful upcycled mirror for only $5.00!

DISCLAIMER: You might become a craft-aholic once you try this project! Spoons don’t have to be used for eating. They can be used for decorating!

lisa project 2 lisa project


  • Krylon ColorMaster in Mumbo Pink
  • 3 bags plastic spoons Foam board OR recycled cardboard
  • Heavy duty cutting shears
  • Square mirror
  • Glue gun with lots of glue sticks
  • Pop can tab or leftover art hanging hook


1. Take a foam board and trace 2 circles to create a wreath form. We used a large serving plate 16 inches in diameter to trace the outer large circle and a small 5-6 inch tea cup to trace the  inner circle.

2. In a well-ventilated area spray paint the foam wreath with Krylon ColorMaster. Let dry.

3. DIY your spoons (This is my favorite DIY part… DAMAGE IT YOURSELF) Take your spoons and cut off the handles.

4. Starting on the outer perimeter hot glue gun the spoons onto the perimeter of the foam circle. Once the first circle is done, stagger the rows to create the flower effect.

5. For the final 5 inch row, sand off the handle area to smooth off any bumps. This will create a polished finished edge for the final inner circle.

6. In a well-ventilated area start spraying the wreath of staggered spoon rows, from the outside perimeter of the largest circle with a light touch on the outer ring in a circular pattern, darkening the spray layers as you work towards the centre of your inner wreath circle. This creates the ombre effect of going from a light outside ring to dark in the centre. Concentrate the spray in the centre of the wreath to create the darkest petals. Let Dry.

7. Gently flip over and centre the square mirror over the hole. Attach the mirror with hot glue.

8. Add your pop can tab or art hanging hook and secure with the glue gun.


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