Easy School Lunches That are Fun AND Healthy!

school lunches 2The days of sending our kids to school with nothing but sugary snacks and soft drinks are gone. We want them actually eating the food we pack for them, right? Not trading it all away at lunch and just eating cookies. Mommy expert Jacqui Broesky shares a new take on getting creative with our kids lunches.

Making healthy snacks look fun and exciting is a great way to encourage your kids to eat them but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Little cupcake liners are a fun way to pack little snacks and veggies without a lot of extra hassle.

Sandwiches are a lunch-time staple but they can very easily become boring. If you’re kids won’t eat the crust, they may just avoid eating the sandwich all together. Use cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes they’ll be excited to eat. It only takes a few seconds extra and you’ve transformed a boring sandwich into a fantastic treat!

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