Fishing Tips for Beginners

fischer-555780__340The difference between a good and bad fishing experience often boils down to preparation.


Learn the Lingo

This means getting acquainted with your equipment – your rod, line and bait – as well as fishing terminology like rod action (the degree of bend the rod can withstand) and rod power (how much weight the rod can withstand).


Research Basic Procedures

Familiarizing yourself with standard fishing tasks beforehand will save you time later on. Practice baiting a hook, casting your line, and try to get a general feel for your equipment before you go to ensure maximum time spent actually fishing when you’re on the water.


Research Your Location

Look into where fish have decided to spawn this season with a quick Google search. You also want to be aware of the types of fish in the location you’re in going to and what type of bait attracts them. Different fish require different bait, so being unprepared in this way could be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful trip.


A few more things to keep in mind:

  • Check the weather. The ideal conditions to fish are when the sky is overcast or when it’s lightly raining.
  • Dress the part. Wear layers so you’re prepared for any drastic weather changes. Waterproof boots are always a good idea when you’re going to be in close contact with water.
  • Come prepared with snacks, sunscreen and bug spray.



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