Holiday Travel Favorites for Christmas

MONTEGO BAY Escape the cold with a sunny family vacation they’ll never forget! The Holiday Inn Resort  + Spa Montego Bay offers all inclusive packages for worry-free vacations with plenty of activities available to please every member of the family! Conveniently located just ten minutes from the airport! – Holiday Inn,

PUERTO VALLARTA Enjoy beautiful views and stunning beaches at the friendliest hotel in the world! With access to fine dining, a spa, a kids club and more, Friendly Vallarta’s all inclusive packages cover all the details for you so you can relax and enjoy your holidays with your friends and family! – Friendly Vallarta,

FLY IN STYLE Enjoy unbundled ultra-low fares that you can customize to suit your own travel style! Swoop allows you to pick the features that matter to you and save money at the same time! – Swoop,







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  • Tammy 7 months ago

    Would love to go to Montego Bay but where swoops flies I’d be ecstatic with Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan. Please!

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