Our Favourite Gift Ideas for Fashion-Forward Gentlemen

Men can be hard to shop for! If you have a fashion-forward gentleman in your life, I’ve put together a list of great gift ideas to get you started!

1) Hardy Amies Curated Goods Gift Box
In addition to its bespoke tailors at No. 14 Savile Row, this year Hardy Amies also opened an outpost at No. 8 selling its ready-to-wear selection. One of the most interesting things about this new shop is its selection of ‘curated goods’ – a range of items chosen by the label to complement its existing offerings. Most importantly, each comes complete with Hardy Amies’ indispensable (and hilarious) style guide, ABC of Men’s Fashion.


2) Bergano Grey’s Cashmere Hoodie
A cashmere hoodie offers the ultimate in comfort and style. Celebrities like David Beckham and Bradely Cooper are huge fans and customers of these hoodies.

3) The Trainer
While bright trainers are fabulous, it seems that we always get far more use out of our darker products. Here are three that have been hot all year, from Nike’s weatherproof new sneakerboots all the way to New Balance’s blue-black.


4) Mr. Black’s Sneaker Refresh Kit & Crep Protect spray
Did somebody get some new trainers for Christmas? Keep these bad boys free from odor. These fabulous products will keep your new footwear almost indestructible: prepping your new trainers with Crep Protect spray will repel rain and dirt (especially important with suede), while Mr. Black’s Sneaker Refresh Kit will keep your trainers looking (and smelling) great.

5) The Chapar Gift Card
Even fashionable guys may despise shopping, a gift card for The Chapar’s personal shopper is the perfect solution. He will be able to register, talk with a stylist and receive a trunk full of clothing tailored to his style – without having to step foot in a store!

6) Piquadro Coleos Backpack
Backpacks are now so sleek that they’ve are now completely acceptable to haul to the office. However, if you’re looking for one that’s uber suit-appropriate, try this all-leather model from Italian accessories-makers, Piquadro, which not only looks great, but it can carry a whole host of things like a Ipad, 13″ laptop and more.


7) Gotta Have The Shades
You may think shades are strictly a summer thing but they’re a year-round essential – especially if you’re planning on driving across country for holiday gatherings. Whether you’re more into Persol’s folding PO 714s (a pocket-friendly riff on the version famously worn by Steve McQueen), Kirk Original’s mirrored lenses or Finlay’s classic shape with a wooden trim, these three caught the eye of fashionable people over the past year.

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