Rainy Day Activities for Camping Trips

Photo Source: telegraph.co.uk

Photo Source: telegraph.co.uk

If you’ve camped before, you’ll know that rain is simply part of the experience. A little rain may put a damper on your hiking plans, but it definitely doesn’t have to spoil the whole day.


A rainy day can be swiftly salvaged, so long as you come prepared. Pack for rain even if the forecast promises clear, cloudless skies. Ask everyone to bring their favourite board games, particularly ones that are multiplayer and engaging. Games like Uno, Monopoly, Deal and Taboo are perfect for pumping up mopey campers, and they come in compact packaging, perfect for packing and transporting. Even if all you bring is a deck of cards, there id a multitude of game options to choose from, including memory (if you have young kids), solitaire, war or a good-natured game of snack poker.


Forgot to bring board games? No problem (at least you remembered the snacks!). There are plenty of games that can be improvised, like Charades, 20 Questions and I Spy. Here are some more board-less, card-less, piece-less activities to try:


Dots and Boxes.

All you need is pen and paper.

Details and instructions.


Tic Tac Toe or Connect Four Using Branches, Rocks and Twigs.

Create a grid using large branches, and use smaller twigs and rocks for the X’s and O’s. As players are eliminated, have the winners challenge each other tournament style until there is a singular champion. The winning person does not have to help with cooking or cleaning that day.

Photo Source: education.com

Photo Source: education.com

Tower Building Competition. 

Split your group into teams and then test their resourcefulness with this high school physics class inspired activity: who can build the highest tower out of expendable supplies available in the wilderness or at the campsite.


Make Your Own Story. 

This game is perfect if you’re camping with a small to moderate size group of kids. Start them off with a generic beginning of a story, for example, “Once upon a time …” Then have each child contribute a sentence in predetermined sequence and let them shape the story in whatever goofy way they please.


And if all else fails, you can always take a nap!

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