Refresh Your Space with Jackie Glass

Jackie Glass shares some really quick and easy tips if you are looking at refreshing your living space.

  1. Let’s start off with the coffee table. These I like to consider my stock and trades. I always begin with some candles, possibly a sculpture, maybe some art, a pile of books and last but not least, flowers (fresh or fake).
  2. The quickest method to refresh any room is to mix it up with pillows. You can choose anything beautiful, like florals, checks, etc. Really experiment with colors and patterns. Throw them on your couch and voila! You have a new look. I like to do this seasonally as it always refreshes the space.
  3. I find artwork is the key essential to any room. What I love about art is that you can get framed by a professional or do it yourself for a fraction of the cost. You need to think of art as a focus point. It may be colorful or neutral. Another great way to create your own art is to use shadow boxes. Shadow box frames can be very affordable and you can really put a touch of yourself in it and make it your own.
  4. Another super fast fix in your space is wall paper. Yes it has returned, with so many colors and patterns available! Find a focus wall in your room. Wallpaper is inexpensive and it gives you that right amount of bang for your buck.
  5. If you want to expand your space, do a personal inventory throughout your house. You may find that you a chair or ottomen, or something else that will add to your room. If not you can go pick up a couple of chairs, maybe a chaise. They can picked up at an inexpensive store or you can also have them custom made. Slipper chairs are always a great choice. All that can be used for additional seating and really make your party come to life.
  6. A great tip that everyone knows it that its really important to include the color black to each space, especially if there is a visible TV in the room. Use black accents to help balance out the black tv for an eye-pleasing look.

So you can see that creating a stunning space won’t take up a lot of time. In ten minutes or less, you can completely transform your own home. Give it a try!

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