Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party in a Small Space

Opt for an alternative Christmas tree

There’s nothing quite like a real tree to festive-ify your home, but if you’re lacking space, you may want to consider alternative options. Not only is a tree space consuming, but in a party setting lights and delicate ornaments can be bumped off by unsuspecting guests, creating more mess for you to deal with later on.


Light your room(s) well

Nothing makes a small space look smaller like bad lighting. Hang Christmas lights indoors if you’re feeling like your space isn’t bright enough, or borrow lamps from neighbors, friends and family.


Limit your cutlery and dishware

Since you’re working with limited space, and subsequently limited surface area, the last thing you want is to clutter your surfaces with new and used dishes and cutlery. Instead, serve foods that require nothing more than a napkin, which will also reduce cleanup time afterwards.


Spread your food around

Though it may be more practical to keep all of your food and drink in one central spot, this could result in your guests congregating in that area. With a small space, you want to make sure you’re utilizing all use-able space, so encourage your guests to spread out by dispersing your food and beverages throughout your space.


Keep your decorations to a minimum

In a small space, every inch counts, so avoid decorations that can be knocked down, impeded on by guest traffic or need to be set on the ground. Whenever you can, opt for decorations that can be hung up.


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