Published on July 11, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Planters and urns are a great way to add some curb appeal to your space, and here at The Marc and Mandy Show, we love a good upcycling project. In that spirit, today’s show features Marc, who’s showing viewers how to update old planters and urns with a fresh coat of paint using white washing and color blocking techniques.  


Technique # 1: White Washing 

What you’ll need: plastic container, paint, coffee filter, old paint brush 

How to:  

  • Start off with a grey shade of paint.  
  • Lightly dab your paintbrush into your paint and then dab the brush onto a coffee filter to get rid of any excess paint. 
  • To create the white washing effect, paint your container in such a way that the surface underneath is still visible. A little bit of paint should go a long way for this technique. TIP Use an old brush rather than a new one for the desired streaked effect. 


Technique # 2: Color Blocking 

What you’ll need: plastic container, spray paint, painter’s tape  

How to:  

  • Start by spray painting your entire container a solid color, such as black. 
  • Then, using painter’s tape horizontally, divide your container into two unequal sections.  
  • Next, spray paint one section a contrasting color. 
  • Once the spray paint has dried, remove the tape. TIP If you like the look of tall planters and urns, don’t be afraid to repurpose something as large as a garbage can. With just a simple coat of paint, you can transform it into a chic planter with height to spare! 

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