Published on October 23, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

No Halloween is complete with a costume! In this spooky segment of The Marc and Mandy Show, Marc and Mandy show viewers how to DIY a few easy, cheap, and clever Halloween costumes. Keep reading for instructions.


Costume Idea: A Millennial

What you’ll need: plain t-shirt, “fragile” stickers, bubble wrap, baseball cap, white duct tape, markers, tape, scissors

How to: To recreate this costume, start by decorating a plain tee with “fragile” stickers. Then, create a vest with bubble wrap using tape and scissors. Finally, place a few lines of duct tape on the front of your tee and your hat, and use the marker to write “MILLENNIAL” on your tee and “I’M OFFENDED” on your hat.


Costume Idea: Google Maps 

What you’ll need: red foam/poster board, neutral colored t-shirt, car stickers, yellow duct tape, white duct tape, marker, scissors

How to: To DIY this timely costume, start by creating “intersections” in varying directions all over the shirt using yellow duct tape. You can then label the intersections using white duct tape and a marker, and add a few car stickers to the shirt for good measure. To create the red icon, cut the shape out of foam/poster board.


Costume Idea: Cereal Killer

What you’ll need: white t-shirt, red paint, individual cereal boxes, dull knives or knife cutouts made from cardboard, white duct tape, marker, scissors, 

How to: To create this punny costume, start by taping individual cereal boxes onto your white shirt. Then, create knives using cardboard and markers, and tape them onto the costume as well. To finish the costume off, create a “Cereal Killer” label with white duct tape and black marker, and splatter red paint onto your creation to emulate blood.



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  • Cynthia B 1 year ago

    Thanks for the neat ideas. I love the “cereal killer” costume.

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