Published on December 18, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Evelyn visits the Union Lighting & Furnishings showroom where she creates two fabulous holiday tablescapes using the same gorgeous table.

The onset of the holiday season also marks a merry time for many, as friends and family trickle in from out of town and the urge to entertain strikes born-hosts and hostesses far and wide. In the spirit of entertaining, Evelyn Eshun, celebrity designer, shares with us two holiday tablescape looks that are bound to impress. 

Look 1: Glam and Luxe

  • The key to pulling off a glamorous holiday tablescape lies in the cohesion of small details.
  • Integrate a gold serving tray into your tablescape, and use it transit items back and forth from the kitchen.
  • Instantly upgrade your old placemats by layering them, using impactful colors such as red, gold, or green as the bottom layers, which will make each place setting really pop.
  • Utilize a side console table in lieu of a bar or display center.
  • Get the most out of your metallic touches by illuminating them using overhead lighting, such as a glam chandelier and a table lamp, and a dimmer switch system (for when it’s time to dial back the glam)

Look 2: Shabby Chic

  • On the other hand, a shabby chic tablescape is all about mixing and matching and finding a happy medium between contrasting materials.
  • Employ the rustic look of garlands on your table, via your centerpiece or simply woven around your tableware.
  • Integrate natural elements into your tablescape whenever possible. The contrast between earthy elements and an otherwise pristine table is the epitome of shabby chic.
  • Use unexpected combinations of finishes when possible, such as a serving tray that integrates both silver and wood.
  • Leave linen chairs unencumbered by garlands and decorative slip covers, and let the natural texture speak for itself.

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  • Jay M 1 year ago

    The table setting looks beautiful!

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